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I am so excited and honored that you want to spread the word on the Warrior Within! As you know each of us is a Spiritual Warrior and can take control of our inner world to make authentic lasting changes to ourselves and the world around us.

It is time for us to show the world that division, fear, and intimidation will not be accepted!

Each week on the Warrior Within Show I give information on enhancing each Spiritual Warrior!

Join us on Friday night at 9 PM Eastern in the chat room by clicking here


Grab a copy of the flyer for the Radio Show each Friday night at 9 PM Eastern,  or the full press kit here  and print it out, distribute it where you already go! Coffee shops, community boards, and anywhere else you already go!

Another way is to Host a small workshop in your home or business. The 90 minute workshop gives a great introduction and tools to enhance the Spiritual Warrior to make a difference for yourself, your friends, or your community! Click here for more information and how to host one of these fantastic workshops!

Yet another way is to host a full blown Warrior Within Intensive either one day or weekend! Click here for more information!

Or, go through the program yourself! Click here to enroll in the program!

You can view the complete press kit here

Let’s get this message of hope, peace, prosperity and unity through diversity out!

Once again, THANK YOU!