Warrior Within Release Intensive

April 29, 2017

Arcana Lodge #187

920 Lowry Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

This is a one day event that gives the participants the ability to tap into their inner Warrior of Spirit. It allows each individual to hear their logical, emotional, physical, and higher selves in order to learn how to build consensus for their own best decisions. It shows you how to integrate each aspect of the Warrior Spirit Mandala for yourself and to learn how to build consensus in yourself for yourself and those around you.

The concept of the Warrior is in every culture. No matter what your spiritual path, there is a Warrior.
Learn to associate, and speak to your own Warrior Spirit. We will learn how to recognize the four bodies and their integration with the physical and mental selves to become a whole person. This is personal and specific to YOU. You will draw upon your personal symbols and protectors to bring your rich and beautiful heritage to life. So, welcome to your changed life.
The Warrior Within Release intensive one day program,  that will allow the participant to access and control the Warrior of Spirit within themselves. It is divided into several lessons that take you to the deepest part of yourself in a safe and constructive environment.

Learn to face, accept, and integrate your own shadow warrior to turn it into a willing and positive participant in your life.

Receive training in using the Warrior Spirit Mandala and the Shadow Warrior Mandala to manifest your own best reality.

Create effective boundaries and limits to stop yourself from being manipulated by those who seek to use you for their own purposes.

Gain new tools to utilize in your life to be a happier, more balanced, and stronger individual.

The Price includes Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

Just $75 for everything!

Some Previous Comments on  Intensives

There were numerous valuable tools I received over the weekend. The tools allowed me to gain insights into several issues I have been experiencing. I can envision using the same tools in the future – Susan K

Thank You Alfred for a wonderful weekend. Learning to balance the light and shadow was particularly beneficial. The Warrior consensus was terrifying in the best way possible. Rhonda J

This was fantastic! I can finally make decisions that I have struggled with! – Cynthia S

I found that what I have been struggling with I can finally face and process! – Ron M

This was amazing. It opened me up to accept certain things about me that I have struggled to accept. The warrior consensus was challenging and powerful. Thank you Alfred for crossing my path in this journey of my life. – Laura S

Such a powerful Weekend! Especially the inner self exercise! – Tonia

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