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The Warrior Within is a self paced program that will allow you you access and control the Warrior of Spirit within each person. It is divided into several lessons that take you to the deepest part of yourself in a safe and constructive environment.
Then it shows you how to integrate each aspect of the Warrior Spirit Mandala for yourself and to learn how to build consensus in yourself for yourself and those around you.

There are 13  lessons that deal with each part of the Warrior of Spirit and how to fully activate it within yourself.

It includes all the information from the radio show on WCAS ( and additional tools, techniques and training on activation of the Warrior of Spirit of the New Millennium.


There are two ways to participate in this program. The first is by Home Study which includes the manual, CD with Alfred teaching each lesson, and automatic inclusion in the monthly conference call. The second way is to subscribe to it through monthly contribution and receive each new lesson as you complete the previous lesson.  The cost for this program is $250.00. If you chose the monthly payment option it is $100 up front and $50.00 a month for three months.


The second way is to sign up for the on-line course that is offered twice a year. Once in the Fall and once in the Spring in Southern Missouri at the Wite Rayvn Intentional Community and includes all your lessons, and room and board. For more information and to be placed on the waiting list for this interactive in person training fill out the below contact form.  The cost for this INTERACTIVE INSTRUCTOR LED course is $500.00


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