Spirit Bag Kits

 Spirit Bags are a great way to connect to your inner totemic animal guides. It serves as a hands on way to establish the pathways between the universe within and the universe without. Get yours today and experience the connected-ness with the internal archetypes and the outer world. These Spirit Bags will help you to become more balanced and harmonious!
Great news!  We’ve heard your request for a more hands-on approach to spiritual work.
We’ve found that the most effective tools are those that we make for ourselves with our own hands.
Our Spirit Bag kit is just the first in our upcoming product line of DIY tool crafting kits.
Don’t worry, we’ve made this so easy to assemble, even I can do it!
Each kit contains:
  1. a prepared rabbit hide that was raised, honored, and processed on the property
  2. A leather needle
  3. Sinew to create your bag
  4. A Instructional video (very short)
  5. Written easy to understand instructions to create your spirit bag.

Get Yours Today! Only 20 total available! (as of December 16 before the show)

Only $20.00 USD