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“I have participated in this program as well as a longer weekend intensive and have found it to be really helpful in creating my boundaries, speaking my mind, and really knowing what is my best course of action!” – HG

“This course really changed my life” – MR

“Every time I come to one of Alfred’s workshops I learn something really important about myself” – CH

“I confess I was a little concerned about stepping into a room with 10 complete strangers and bearing my true nature, by the time the weekend was over I found that my logical mind does really lie to me and now I can achieve consensus!” – RM

“everyone needs this course! My wife says I am SO much better to deal with now that I speak my mind and hold my ground! Who knew? “- AC

“the program is really great for anyone! I highly recommend it!” – SG

Rhonda Jane –  I enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to delving deeper in March!
Ronald WhoDat Murphy – It helped me with a problem I was dealing with. Can’t wait until March!
Debbie Jeffreys – Thank you so much, it was very informative, the meditation was very enlightening, can’t wait for the intensive weekend in March
Peter Schram – Great information, thanks for sharing
I enjoyed your workshop at The Hive tonight. Speaking with you reminds of walking along s path, next to each as we discover trees, rocks and streams. I look forward to seeing you again. Always stay in season – PS

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