More People Talking

Thank you Alfred for a wonderful intensive. Learning to balance the light and shadow was particularly beneficial. The warrior consensus was terrifying in the best way possible.  I felt that my self-imposed limitations were stretched and my heart was split wide open. This is a good thing. It was a pleasure. I look forward to continuing to expand upon this new knowledge. Blessed Be!  – Rhonda J

This weekend was fantastic! I liked that the weekend was agreeable with the weather. Alfred makes the subject – Warrior Spirit and one;s inner self seem as if I can finally make decisions I have struggled with. Cynthia S

I found that what I have been struggling with. I came to be able to face it and process it. It was a great experience and trying not to be judgmental, the warrior’s consensus was above and beyond amazing. Ron M

The Weekend was amazing. It opened me up to accept certain things about me I struggle accepting. The warrior consensus was challenging and powerful. Thank you Alfred for crossing my path in this journey of my life. – Laura S

Such a powerful course!! Especially found the inner self exercise both difficult and helpful. Tonia

There were numerous valuable tools I received over the intensive. The tools allowed me to gain insights into several issues I have been experiencing. I can envision usign the same tools in the future. The participatory nature of the course is good. The instructor Alfred is engaging and obviously in command of the vast knowledge of a wide variety of paths. His corporate training background prepared him well for this work. Susan K

Getting in touch with my various aspects of myself. I learned s much and will be working on establishing a better and more open relationship with my physical self. – Rowan Oak I

The meditations and exercise were great. Thank you for such a wonderful experience for personal growth. A

I really enjoyed the group setting, very casual. The encouragement to participate in the discussions was great. The warrior consensus was great. – Jeanette H.

The warrior within release gave me new and useful perspectives on how to recognize each of my aspects and great new tools to begin building a consensus. The open physical dialog with my aspects was the most frightening but so very freeing feeling. I feel I now have a great tool kit to continue on my personal growth and improve my relationship with my deities. – DJ